Online Scratch Cards

Online scratch cards have boomed in popularity in the UK in recent times, with many gambling operators introducing them on their websites. The games are simple to play and it is possible to secure some bumper payouts from scratch cards.

You can play for free using virtual chips in practice game mode or deposit real money for the chance to win big. Online scratch cards use the latest in design and technology to offer players an exciting betting experience, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Popular Scratch Games

Scratch games are played by clicking on designated areas on the screen to reveal information used to determine the card’s prize value. The operator providing the game is responsible for determining the chance of winning. There are two main types of online scratch cards as follows:

Web-based online scratch cards

This type of card does not require players to download any software to their computer. Games are presented in the browser plugin Flash and require browser support for this plugin. You are generally required to scratch either one or multiple boxes to determine whether you have won.

The latest technology also allows for non-gambling usage such as virtual fundraisers where the online scratch card is used to attract attention to a cause and to act as a vehicle for donations.

Download-based online scratch cards

Users are required to download special software to play these kind of scratch cards. After installation, it connects to the online card service provider and handles contact without browser support. The format and style of the games on offer are the same as web-based cards.

Game Rules

Although online scratch cards are very similar to their real-life counterparts, there are some subtle differences worth noting.

Firstly, you must not scratch more boxes than those indicated in the instructions. However, unlike real-life cards, the software may actually prevent you from doing so. If the game has several sections, you must complete each of them as indicated in the rules of the game. Some have prizes or bonus zones, but do not scratch them before completing the rest of the game.

Each online scratch card has a unique playing experience every time. You may be required to uncover matching symbols, line-up several symbols in a row or uncover a symbol that matches the prize symbol. Each game features a clear payout table, so you will always know how much you’re playing for.

Start playing by setting your coin limit using the + and – buttons, then either scratch off one symbol at a time, or use the ‘Scratch All’ button to reveal all the hidden symbols at the same time. If your scratch card has a winning combination your returns will immediately be returned to your betting account.

How To Play Like A Professional – Best Scratch Game Tips

The random nature of online scratch cards means the game is largely based on luck rather than skill, but there are some quick tips to follow to boost your chances of winning.

It is worth conducting research into different operators, analysing their range of games, the distribution of prizes and the percentage rate of winnings returned to the players.

Once you have signed up with your chosen online scratch cards are dependent on luck, but you can play safe in the knowledge that you have done your homework before parting with your cash.

How To Win At Scratch Games

As we mentioned in the previous section, carrying out a preliminary study will help you find the best online scratch cards to play. The higher percentage Return to Player is (RTP), the better chance you have of securing a winning return.

If you are a regular player, tailor your wagering style accordingly. Smaller bets mean smaller winnings, but you are sure to stay in the game for longer than if you blow your bankroll in one hit. Conversely, if you enjoy playing infrequently, build up your betting budget over a period of time and invest in an expensive scratch card that offers the chance to win huge prizes.

Always make sure you stick within your budget and never gamble more than you can afford on scratch cards. They are a form of entertainment, so treat them as such to maximise your enjoyment of gambling online.


The payouts for online scratch cards can vary in the UK, but the level is determined by the size of stake originally placed. Prizes can range from just a few pounds up to tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Online scratch card payouts tend to be higher than cards bought on the high street as there are no printing or distribution costs. This allows the amounts invested by the players to be distributed more generously, as well as providing additional bonuses and promotions.

Scratch card payouts are usually credited to your bankroll immediately, but withdrawals are subjected to the operator’s normal processing times.


There are a range of words and phrases connected to online scratch cards. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Autoplay – the option to allow the computer to automatically run through a series of scratch games
  • Cashier – the section where you can deposit and withdraw monies from your scratch account.
  • Casino Scratch – Games which have themes connected to casinos, such as slot games, card games or roulette
  • Classic Scratch – Some of the most popular and longest running games available on scratch sites
  • Chips – The tokens of scratch cards representing cash. Chips differ in their monetary value
  • Fantasy Scratch – A range of games grouped together around a fantasy theme, such as The Fairy Tale and The Lost Maya
  • Free practice play – The version of scratch card games where you can play for fun. Choose this if you want to try out a new game or just gain experience
  • Jackpot – Grand prize usually offered in specific scratch cards. Jackpots are limited only to a small number, hence the amount of winners and the odds of securing the prize
  • Login – The button you need to press in order to enter the scratch card system
  • Max – An option available in certain scratch cards, for bettors who do not want to allocate specific amounts of chips and to just place a Max bet
  • Prizes – Some scratch cards offer cash and big jackpots, other gadgets, holidays, event tickets and more
  • Real money play – The version of scratch games which allows you to play games for cash
  • Recent Games – A section on a scratch card site which gives you instant access to all the games you have played recently
  • Scratch – The action of unveiling the portions of the scratch card. In different online scratch cards this is done either via mouse movement, keyboard or automatically
  • Sports Scratch – Games which are grouped around the thrills and excitement of sports events
  • Total Bets – The area where you can see how much you have spent so far on bets
  • Total Wins – The area which shows you how much you have won so far
  • Username – your own personal identification name which you need to use to log in to the system

Interesting Facts

The first scratch card was produced in 1974 by a scientist called John Koza with the help of a retail specialist. Their product was an instant lottery game. Here are a few more interesting facts about scratch cards:

  • Online versions of scratch cards first became available in 2010
  • Scratch cards are not only offered as gambling products, but are also used by companies like banks to send private information to customers
  • Some companies allow you to know whether the major prizes have already being paid out on a series of cards
  • A UK scratch card has a £10 million jackpot – the top prize in the world
  • The first scratch card introduced in the UK in 1995 cost £1 to buy
  • In New Zealand, only 12 cards can be sold at a time

You now have all the information you need to successfully enjoy playing online scratch cards. Good luck!