Online craps is one of the most exciting table games you can play on the internet in the UK. It uses sophisticated Random Number Generator (RNG) technology to replicate the game played across the world in real-life casinos.

The game was famously played by James Bond in the movie ‘Diamonds are Forever’ and has long been associated with noblemen and aristocracy. Find out all you need to know about online craps, including the rules, the best bets and the winning strategies at

Popular Craps Games

There are a number of different versions of online craps, each with their own unique rules and odds. We’ve outlined the most popular versions of the game:

Bank Craps

Also called Las Vegas Craps, this variant of the game is the most popular one in Nevada gambling houses. A special table and layout are used, and all bets are made against the house.

A player signifies his bet by placing chips or cash on the appropriate part of the layout before any roll. It is invariably required that the dice be thrown over a string or wire stretched a few inches above the surface of the table or that they strike a wall of the table and bounce back.

The shooter, or anyone wishing to bet that the shooter will win, places his bet “on the line” (in the area marked “Does Pass,” “Line,” or “Win” on various layouts). Anyone betting against the shooter places his bet in the area marked “Don’t Pass”.

Anyone wishing to bet on a special contingency, such as that craps (2, 3, or 12) will or will not be thrown on the next roll, places his bet in the appropriate space on the layout – these are called proposition bets.

Crapless Craps

This is a popular variety of craps played outside casinos, and gives better odds to the player by reducing the house edge for Come Out rolls. Also known as “ruse craps” and “never ever craps”, it is most popular in the state of Mississippi. In Crapless Craps, it is impossible to lose your money on a Pass Line bet to craps (2, 3 or 12) on the Come Out roll. This reduces the house edge and brings the odds in your favour.

High Point Craps

In High Points craps, an initial roll of 2 or 3 is ignored until a different total is made. A roll of 11 or 12 means you win even money and anything else sets the Point number. Now you have to roll a number higher than the point to win – anything less and you lose. Other than this, the basic rules and bets remain the same as Bank Craps.

Simplified craps

Simplified Craps is a perfect game for beginners. Rather than having lots of complicated side bets, Simplified Craps has a very basic betting system. There are no Pass Line/Don’t Pass Line bets, Craps or Naturals. You simply roll the dice, and depending on what number is rolled, you win or lose.

Game Rules

The rules of online craps are not simple, because there are many different types of bets a player needs to know in order to play successfully. Here is a quick summary of the basic rules:

  • The goal in online craps is for the player to bet on a number which will be come out or won’t come out on the next roll of the dice
  • The basic craps play is to place a Pass Line or a Don’t Pass Line bet. If you place a bet on the Pass Line, then you will need to roll 7 or 11 in order to win. If you place a bet on the Don’t Pass Line, you will try to roll 2 or 3. The first roll in a game of Craps is called “Come Out Roll”
  • If your first bet is successful and you win, the payout is even money
  • If you do not succeed to roll 7, 11, 2, 3 or 12, then the amount of your bet will be placed on the value of the rolled dice, which is called “establishing a point”
  • When a point is established you will need to roll the “point” again before a 7 is rolled. In case 7 is thrown, you will lose the amount that you have bet
  • Once a point is established in craps games, the player cannot remove his bet from the table
  • The player will have to continue to roll the dice till the Pass/Don’t Pass bets have won or lost
  • If there are any remaining bets on the craps table, the throwing of the dice will continue and a new point will be established
  • There must be a bet on the craps table, otherwise the player will not be allowed to roll the dice
  • You can place bets between the rolls of the dice
  • Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line bets are allowed to be placed when the white marker is not on the craps table

How To Play Like A Professional – Best Craps Game Tips

To successfully play craps online you will need to master the game’s complex betting structure. The bets in craps are made up of a variety of single roll and multi roll-bets, along with single number and multi-number bets.

These can only be placed during a specific type of dice roll. Many players vary their bets while playing craps, adding an exciting extra element to their online craps experience.

It is important to manage your bankroll properly when playing craps. A large number of betting opportunities available in a game of online craps, means that managing your money properly is crucial to your success at the game.

Take advantage of free play opportunities. This will allow you to develop your skills before hitting the real money tables to play with your own cash.

How To Win At Craps

Although online craps is a game of chance, there are some strategies you can employ to improve your chances of winning. These are as follows:

Learn the game – Reputable casino sites will provide video tutorials to help you learn how to play online craps. Take time out to watch these to gain a full understanding of how the game works and what bets you should and shouldn’t be placing.

Always take the free odds bet – After the shooter establishes a point, you can place an additional bet called a free odds bet. Some casinos allow for this bet to be two times bigger than the original pass line bet. If this is available you should always place lower pass line bet and higher free odds bet. Free odds bets can be increased, decreased or completely removed at any time.

Place Come bets – Come bets can be placed after a point has been established. This means that after you place the come bet, the next roll will become a come out roll for you. If the shooter rolls 7 or 11, you win, if he rolls 2, 3 or 12, you lose and every other number will become a point for you. By placing a come bet, you can win if the shooter rolls his point or if he rolls your point.

Steer clear of proposition bets – The worst online craps strategy is to place proposition bets. These are usually settled after just one roll of the dice, which makes them appealing to some players, but we recommend never to take these as the house edge rises to nearly 14%.


Online craps payouts are determined by the likelihood of certain numbers being rolled. Before placing any real-money bets on the game, check out the odds and familiarise yourself with the risks involved.

Rolling 2 and 12 are the hardest numbers to hit as these can only come from one dice combination. That means the craps odds of rolling either of these number are 1:36. In craps the harder it is to roll the number, the higher it pays out.

By comparison, totals of 4 and 10 can be made of three separate dice combinations each and offer odds of 1:12.


  • Aces – Betting that the next roll will be the total sum of 2 – also called Snake Eyes
  • Any Craps – A bet that the next roll will be 2, 3, or 12
  • Any Seven – A bet that the next roll will be 7
  • Cold Dice – Phrase used to describe the table when no-one is making their point
  • Come bet – A bet made after the point is established. It is exactly like a pass line bet
  • Come out roll – The first roll of the dice to establish a point
  • Don’t Come bet – A don’t pass bet made after the point is established
  • Don’t Pass bet – A bet that the shooter will not make his point
  • Hi-Lo – A one roll bet on 2 & 12
  • Hot Dice or Hot Table – When players are winning or a player is rolling a lot of numbers
  • Lay bet – A bet that a 7 will be rolled before the number you are placing (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10) comes up
  • Lay Odds – After a point has been established an additional odds bet can be made that will win if the original Don’t Pass bet wins
  • Marker – The plastic disk used to mark the point. One side is printed “on” and the other “off”
  • Natural – A seven or 11 thrown on the come out roll for a winning bet
  • One Roll Bet – A bet in craps that is won or lost in a single roll
  • Odds Bet – An additional wager made in addition to the pass line bet
  • Pass Line Bet – A wager made on the come out roll in which you are betting that the shooter will make the point
  • Point – The number established by the come out roll
  • Proposition Bet – A wager on one of the bets in the centre of the layout
  • Shooter – The player rolling the dice

Interesting Facts

Craps is one of the oldest casino games around. Some say it was originally played by Roman soldiers using a pig’s knuckle bone as a dice. Here are a few more interesting facts:

  • The most popular craps table was created by John H Winn. His design was the first to give space for the Don’t Pass bets
  • The English developed a version of craps called ‘hazard’. Sir William of Tyre and his knights played it during the Crusades around 1125 AD
  • Author Geoffrey Chaucer wrote about hazard in the Canterbury Tales. It continued to spread throughout English gambling houses in the 1600s and 1700s
  • Craps hit Las Vegas casinos in the 1930s and has been popular in American casinos since then
  • In real-life casinos it is frowned upon to touch the shooter while they are on a hot streak. By touching the shooter, you’re potentially disrupting their flow of good luck